Vauling the Intrinsic Worth of Animals | Gay and Lesbian Fund of Vermont

Vauling the Intrinsic Worth of Animals

All animals have intrinsic value and are worthy of protection in the eyes of Green Mountain Animal Defenders, another recent beneficiary of the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont.

This volunteer-run organization works all across Vermont to fulfill their mission by:


  • Educating the public through outreach efforts, media relations campaigns & other special events
  • Incorporating a unique internship program which captures the energy and enthusiasm of students and trains them to become effective animal protection advocates
  • Sponsoring spay/neuter programs and offering referrals for re-homing and adoptions
  • Managing and activating a grassroots network of animal protection advocates throughout the state to support animal protection legislation and sponsoring the Vermont Animal Cruelty Response System’s toll-free telephone number: 1-877-9 HUMANE
  • Providing rescue and transportation services for animals, including wildlife


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