How does the Fund Work?
When you donate to the Fund, you may designate one or more not-for-profit organization(s) to receive corresponding contribution(s) from the Fund. We refer to this as passing donations “through” the Fund. You also choose whether you want to be acknowledged to the receiving organization(s). Because the Fund is a registered non-profit, all your contributions to and through the Fund are tax deductible. We will send you a letter acknowledging your gifts which you can use for tax purposes. Please note that donations are processed on a monthly basis (usually towards the end of the month). This allows the Fund to issue one check to an organization if multiple contributions are received within a given month.

How do I Participate in the Fund?
It’s easy! If you will be making your donation via ACH (direct debit from your checking or savings account, using a Credit Card, or via PayPal) use the Donate Online section below. If you will be making your donation by mailing a check, through your Donor Advised Fund (DAF), or with Stock/Securities use the Donate Offline form below. We also accept Google Pay and Apple Pay. Follow these links to learn how to set up either Google Pay or Apple Pay on your device.

Interested in Setting Up a Recurring Monthly Donation?
We now have the ability to accept recurring donations (monthly, quarterly, or annually). Just use the Donate Online form below.

Interested in making a Donation of Stock/Securities?
The Fund now maintains an E-Trade account and can accept your donation of stock/securities. Please use the Donate Offline form below and we’ll contact you with our E-Trade account information.

Interested in making a Donation using your Donor Advised Fund (DAF)?
You can now make a grant directly to the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont using our DAF Direct Widget which you can find on the right-hand side of our website. Please use the Donate Offline form below to let us know how to direct the funds once we’ve received them.

Still have Questions?
Please email us at!