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Your Shopping Can Now Benefit The Fund

The Gay & Lesbian Fund is happy to report that we are now part of Amazon Smile. When you shop at Amazon Smile you can choose the fund as your charity to support and a portion of all your qualifying purchases will be donated back to the Gay & Lesbian Fund. Simply follow this link for more details – Happy shopping!

Vermont PBS Lineup for September 2014

Here is the lineup of Vermont PBS shows sponsored by the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont thanks to the many Vermont PBS supporters who use the fund. Be sure to catch these great programs. If you are a supporter consider making a gift through the Fund in September! If we collect $4,000 by the end of September we’ll be able to renew our sponsorship for another year. Your donations – Your direction – Shared Pride.

Saturday, September 13th at 8:00 p.m.

Great Performances: “Star-Spangled Spectacular: Bicentennial Of Our National Anthem”


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You know can get email updates, news, and alerts about upcoming events from the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont. Simply sign-up on our website (there is a Newsletter sign-up box right on our home page) or you can also sign up on our Facebook page. We look forward to staying in touch!

Transaction Fees Ended!

We are pleased to announce that the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont will no longer be assessing transaction fees on any donations passed through the Fund by check or electronic fund transfer (EFT) through a bank. Every penny received by check or direct bank transfer will be forwarded through to the non-profit(s) of your choice. Because of the generous support we have from donors who include the Fund as a direct recipient of their giving, we’re able to eliminate these transaction fees and pass along your full donations to the non-profits that have earned your support.

We will impose a 3% transaction fee on donations received through PayPal. This is necessary to cover the fees assessed against the Fund by PayPal for their transmittal services.

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