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Mission Statement:  Illuminating the importance of the individual and combined contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender donors in the broader community.

What is the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont?

The Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes the substantive, valuable contributions LGBTQA donors make to the broader community. The Fund makes charitable gifts to not-for-profit organizations as designated by its donors.

Our goal is to help reduce homophobia in Vermont by drawing attention to the positive, constructive contributions the LGBTQA community makes to the general community through charitable giving. As individuals, LGBTQA Vermonters support the arts; hospitals, clinics, and health initiatives; literacy and other educational programs and institutions; efforts to improve our environment; humane societies; youth services; services for the homeless and the aged; and other social services and programs. By joining forces through the Fund, we make our contributions more visible, make a stronger statement of combined support, and earn greater opportunities for the Fund as a significant donor.

The Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont also sponsors Out for Good, a program that coordinates volunteer support for non-profits. Out for Good brings LGBTQA volunteers together for fun projects and activities that benefit other non-profits through our efforts and the LGBTQA community through our positive visibility.

OUT For Good Volunteers For VPR Pledge Drive, 2006Additional information about the purpose and intent of the Fund: Donors to the Fund will identify another 501(c)(3) non-profit organization or organizations to which they want a donation made by the Fund. Donations to these nonprofits will in turn be made by the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont rather than from the individual donor or donors and, importantly, net contributions to a given nonprofit from multiple donors will be combined into a single gift, better demonstrating to the recipient the strong support provided by its LGBTQA benefactors. The Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont was established to enhance the goodwill felt within the general public for Vermont’s LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) population.

We don’t anticipate building an endowment, hiring staff, or establishing an office. Our intention is to find efficient, simple solutions that provide LGBTQA Vermonters with mechanisms to join together in their charitable giving to increase recognition within the general population of the charitable giving of the LGBT community. We want to raise awareness of the contributions LGBTQA Vermonters are making to their community, and it is important to us that we do not significantly diminish the dollars flowing into other charities to make this possible.

Contact Us:

The Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont

PO Box 42

Randolph, VT 05060-0042

info (at) glfund.org