More than 500 Nonprofits have Received Support from the Fund

The Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont has provided financial support to over 500 nonprofits throughout Vermont and across the country.  The breadth of our donors’ interests is extraordinary, ranging from public libraries and ambulance services in the smallest of towns around the state,  to arts organizations and museums large and small, agencies dedicated to public health, education, environmental issues,  peace and civil rights, hunger, homelessness, youth & family services, women’s issues, elder care, religion, humane shelters, international relief agencies, immigrant rights – the list goes on and on.

Every gift broadens the reach of the Fund and its relevance.  We cannot thank our donors enough for Giving with Pride by putting their generous, thoughtful charitable activity to work on behalf of our mission to reduce homophobia by drawing attention to the engagement of LGBTQ Vermonters in the broader community and their positive impact on the lives of all Vermonters.

Click on “Recipients” in the tool bar at the top of our Home Page to review a list of all the nonprofits that have received support from the Fund.  We hope when you are considering a charitable donation that you, too, direct your donations to perform double duty in support of the nonprofits you select and our commitment to reducing homophobia.