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Our December 2012 Awards

This is the list of 43 recipients of awards during December 2012 though the Gay & Lesbian Fund of VT. The starred non-profits were first-time recipients of support from the Fund.

Many new donors to our fund took advantage of The Matching Program that we ran at the year’s end.  Each of these awards were supplemented by an additional $50, made possible by friends of the Gay & Lesbian Fund.

We’ve also already got another 34 awards lined up for January, not even in this list. We appreciate those of you who have chosen to donate to your cause through the Gay & Lesbian Fund. These donations has made a positive statement about the charity of the LGBTQA community in Vermont. Continue reading

16th Annual Forum of VT Fresh Network


On August 5th 2012, Vermont Fresh Network‘s 16th Annual Forum took place at beautiful Shelburne Farms. The Gay & Lesbian Fund of VT was a Bronze Sponsor for this event!

Bringing Warmth To Those In Need

Despite the temperance of the recent winter, many of our less fortunate neighbors throughout Vermont struggled to pay their winter energy bills.  The current period of prolonged unemployment and sluggishness in the economy, coupled with the staggering devastation of Tropical Storm Irene, made the need for heating assistance enormous.  Our thanks to the many donors to the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont who chose to support the WARMTH and CV Shareheat programs this past winter.

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

Women Helping Battered Women has been a frequent designee of donors to the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vermont. Our donors enormously apprecite WHBW’s commitment to ensuring equal access to services for all individuals who have experienced domestic violence.

Remember, if you are in need of help, you can call WHBW’s Domestic Violence Emergency Hotline any time at 802-658-1996 or 800-ABUSE95

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